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American Public Human Services Association
American Public Human Services Association

Governance of PPCWI

The PPCWI established a governance structure that engaged a broad spectrum of participants and provided public agency oversight. The governance through the life of the initiative was as follows:
  • NAPCWA’s Executive Committee was responsible for continuously monitoring the guidance and was the body ultimately responsible for sanctioning all final guidance. 
  • The Sponsor Group was responsible for overseeing the initiative, all issues related to its scope and administration and for making all recommendations to the NAPCWA Executive Committee. 
  • The National Advisory Committee (NAC) was responsible for initially advising the project in general as well as making recommendations for implementation of the guidance to the field. 
  • Subcommittees for each critical area were responsible for developing the final draft of each section of the guidance that was submitted to the Sponsor Group and the NAPCWA Executive Committee.

Cindy Walcott, the Deputy Commissioner for Family Services at the Vermont Department of Children and Families, also a member of the NAPCWA Executive Committee, shares the role that the National Association of Public Child Welfare Association (NAPCWA) Executive Committee played in the crafting and approving of the Positioning Public Child Welfare Guidances.

Erwin McEwen, Director of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and James Beougher, Director of the Office of Child and Family Services at the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, comment on the contributors of the Positioning Public Child Welfare Guidance as well as the kind of insight they provide to the guidances.