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Purpose and Objectives

This section states how the agency will provide, support and develop resources and capacities to improve the efficiency of the information management system. The information management plan’s purposes and objectives are drafted in the context of the agency’s overall strategic plan, the agency’s administrative structure in the larger government system and the range of technology investments to support agency operations.

Sample purposes identified in an information management plan may include:
  • Broad-based access to authorized users to enable effective practice and management decision-making.
  • Quality information that is reliable, accurate and timely.
  • Quality information is available readily to facilitate knowledge-based decisions.
Objectives outlined in the strategic plan provide indicators with baselines and targets that connect to the overall strategy. Objectives presented in the plan may include:
  • Promoting information effectiveness through the transformation to interoperability.
  • Ensuring information management and information technology investments and mandates meet the agency’s needs.
  • Identifying, leveraging and sharing best practices from the public child welfare community.
Regardless of the stated purpose and objectives in the information management plan, it is crucial to outline the processes for managing information and for capital planning and information technology investments to build a strong infrastructure for meeting the agency’s needs.

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