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Performance Management System Components

Fundamental to the Performance Management System is a code of ethics that sets the tone for expected behaviors and performance that is consistent with the agency’s mission.  The code of ethics provides a foundation to define actions required for all staff in a child welfare agency.  In addition, the agency code of ethics must address the challenge of balancing ethical dilemmas that may arise between its standards and professional codes of ethics. 
The Performance Management System requires an effective and efficient recruitment process that utilizes accurate and up-to-date selection criteria.  This means being able to hire the right people with the attributes that are indicative of success in the child welfare field. 

The Performance Management System also clearly defines performance expectations and then develops programs that support the workforce through training, supervision and the provision of resources necessary to perform their jobs as expected.

The Performance Management System integrates six components that come together with the goal of building a workforce with the capacity to move the agency’s mission forward.
These components are: